Newsletter…March 2012



MARCH 2012


The Copper Country Associated Artists are now at home in their new location at 205 5th St.

in Calumet.  Many new features are ready. Vice President Clyde Mikkola commented that

the “place looks pretty good”


The 1012 Eagle Harbor Art Fair is progressing on schedule. Robert (Bob) Dawson will be the Featured Artist. Watch for more on the Art Fair.

The Programs & Education Committee are considering some classes for the near future.  A wet felting class will be held on Saturday, March 24th. It is a free class. Registration is recommended  Other possibilities are water color, drawing, book making, or an Altered Book Class. Other suggestions can be sent to the CCAA Gallery.

Recently Girl Scouts were in the Gallery during the Dog Sled race. They were excited to see what was in the Gallery. As a result is has been suggested that classes for kids be offered a few times per year, especially around holidays. Suggestions were marbling and mask making and a simple flower basket for Mother’s Day.

Our publicity is at its best. Notice of First Friday events are being published on a regular basis and often include photos. The publicity for the Wet Felting class is already out. You can sign up by e-mailing us at

New full spectrum lights have been installed which will greatly enhance the look of the art and make working in the gallery easier.  The old fluorescent bulbs have been recycled to the Habitat Re-Store marked used but good.

The scarf project has been extremely successful. All but one of the finished scarves have been sold. Two dozen more are on order. Money from this project helps run the Gallery.

The First Friday in April will be a basket project. There is a need for fabric. Millie will cut it to appropriate size. Needles and thread are also requested.

The Treasurers office is still unfilled. Karen Secor has been filling in. Many of the Treasurer duties are now being done by our Bookkeeper, Linda Hale. This is a far smaller job than previously. Hopefully the position will be filled soon.

Member News: Check out the Great Lakes Showcase at Tech. Fredi Taddiucci won an Honorable Mention.  It will be there until the end of the month.

State Representative Matt Huuki’s office in Lansing has one of Jerry Hammes’ works. Other CCAA artists will also be shown. A great opportunity to show our work.

A notebook in the Gallery containing the biographies of our 50 plus artists is available for visitors to check out. Is YOUR biography up to date?  We would also like you to e-mail bios to Miriam if possible, with pictures, so they can go on this web site.

Vice President, Clyde Mikkola suggests his new ultrasonic cleaner for rejuvenating calligraphy pens and also works on jewelry.

President’s Comments”: What a wonderful place has evolved because of the efforts of members of the if the CCAA, The Gallery is better than ever and the enthusiasm is explosive. It should be an exciting summer when the snow birds return. Let us all volunteer to take a shift working in the Gallery, helping with First Friday and especially the Eagle Harbor Art Fair.

I am looking forward to the coming adventures.