April Newsletter

The project for April has been dying silk scarves.  We have done over 20 new ones.  They are ready for sale at the gallery.  The price has gone to $20 for this CCAA fundraiser, since the price of materials has gone up.


We have been discussing the Eagle Harbor Fair.  There have been several requests by new vendors.  The issue of overnight camping on the fairgrounds has come up, and it was agreed that this has been done in the past, but in the parking area adjacent to the fair grounds.


In addition to the First Friday Watercolor class with Ellen Torola, we’ll be holding a special class for children on the Saturday before Mother’s Day so they can make bouquets.  We will have four or five artists demonstrating different techniques.  This will run for 2 hours in the morning, but children are expected to stay for about a half hour each.  There won’t be a charge for this event.


The Summer season with extended hours (Tuesday – Saturday, 11-4) will start on June 1st.  We will have a grand opening with our First Friday.


Bob Dawson will bring in a painting to place in Matt Huuki’s office to replace the one that Jerry Hammes had there.  We are happy to be represented in the state capital, and Bob Dawson’s painting will stay there until the Eagle Harbor Fair, since he is the featured artist.


If you are a gallery volunteer, please stop by or call when it’s open to put your name on the calendar.  You can mark as many months as you’d like.  If you have any good ideas for First Friday, tell Nanc.