May Newsletter

The Copper Country Associated Artists held their May Meeting on May 17th.  It was announced that the deadline for entries into the Eagle Harbor Fair has now passed.

We are on the look-out for some track lighting for the Gallery.  After the meeting in June, we are hoping to do a “field trip” to look at a new track lighting set-up in one of our member’s home studios.

After much discussion about how to make our “Grand Opening” special, we decided to do a gift drawing.  On the June First Friday we will offer one $50 certificate for a grand prize, and two smaller donations by members as other prizes.  The recipients would have to return to the gallery to claim their prize.  Dolly Luoma volunteered to provide a basket and Miriam Pickens volunteered to provide a pot.  We discussed the mock up brochure that Miriam has put together.  This will be edited next Thursday morning.

We are still looking for a treasurer to replace Karen Secor, who has held that position for many years.  At the June meeting, we will decide on that position.  If you have any suggestions but will not be at the meeting, please let us know.

The Sandstone Peacemakers are holding a raffle and a September quilt show at St. Anne’s.  She requested putting a container for ticket sales on our front counter.  Miriam suggested that we could do a quilt related First Friday in September.  Since the quilt show is eight days after the September First Friday, she could lead a “texture quilt in clay” First Friday for that month.  Participants could pick up their fired pieces (basically a trivet) during the quilt show, but at the CCAA gallery.

We discussed the need for a layaway policy in the gallery.  After lengthy discussion, a motion was brought to the floor.  It was decided that if a customer wants to make time payments on a piece of work, the person can contact the artist to get an okay.  The artist would then have to arrange it with the CCAA, so that the purchase can be handled through the organization., and the club gets the standard commission.

Letters from Ann Dahlstrom, CCGAP and Calumet Mercantile were read.

Fredi Taddeucci announced that she and Edith Marshall have been included in a book called “Journeys to Abstraction” which will be sold by Amazon.  She brought in a copy for viewing.  You can check it out by clicking on the link below.