Membership Form

Copper Country Associated Artists

2015 Membership Application 

Your support of the CCAA will help to provide an opportunity in the Copper Country for the continuing development of skills and knowledge in the Visual Arts.  Membership is open to artists and non-artists alike.  Exhibiting artists must be juried in, and since we are a co-op gallery, artists are required to volunteer.  Display space is limited.  Commissions are taken on sales

Please print and complete the membership application and submit it with your check or cash to:


PO Box 24

Calumet, MI 49913



Today’s date________________ Please Check: New Membership_____ Renewal­­­______

Name ____________________________________________________________________



State____ Zip_________Phone_______________e-mail______________________


State____ Zip_________Phone_____________

winter e-mail_________________________

Art Medium______________________________________________________________

Circle one:   Cash        Check


Membership $30____ Family Membership $40_____ Donor $50____$150____$200______

Please list areas of interest in volunteering in theArt Gallery

Gallery Help   ______  Teaching Classes________ Cleaning  ______


Making/Donating Food ______Other_____________________________________

This is a volunteer position which will continue to succeed with membership participation.