August Newsletter

August Update


The Eagle Harbor Art Fair is fast approaching. Plans are coming

together. The spaces are assigned and most volunteer positions

are filled. Please check if you do not remember the time or place

for which you signed up. Volunteers are still needed for “Make &

Take” and the Welcome Booth.

Commissions for items sold in the “Undercroft” will be 20% for

all items sold. This is a slight change from previous years.

Cynthia Cote from the Copper Country Community Artists

Association in Hancock has asked our help with FinnFest 2013.

(June 19-23, 2013) She would like to have as many Finnish

artists as possible displayed for this event. We have many

Finnish artists in our group and will organize a display at the

Center. This will be assembled in the spring. If you are of Finnish

heritage please let me know so you can be included in the

display. Items need not be for sale.

Paige Wiard, Edith Wiard’s daughter has purchased the former

Ed Gray Gallery. Please congratulate Paige on her endeavor.

If you are interested in RSVP, the volunteer organization or

need information about it please contact Miriam. More on this

at the August meeting.

Dolly Luoma will become the Treasurer in Septembe with

assistance from Ginny Douglas. Thak you Dolly. We will all