First Friday in September 2012

First Friday in September will be a celebration of quilting in a most unusual form.  The Sandstone Piecemakers are holding their major quilt show in Calumet on September 15th, and the CCAA is doing a “quilting in clay” project on September 7th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  Miiriam Pickens is providing slabs of clay which can be cut into pieces and texturized to form a “quilt” that can afterward be used as a tabletop trivet or the pieces can be strung together into a wall hanging.  This project is suitable for all ages, and we ask people to wear clothes that can get messy.  The clay is red earthenware which is heavy in iron and may stain.  Pieces will be fired during the week and can be picked up on Saturday, September 15th, the day of the quilt show.