First Friday in November

Miniature Matchbox Ornaments


Each year at this time the artists at the Copper Country Associated Artists are thinking about all the great projects that celebrate the Holiday season.  They have been making very special Christmas Angel ornaments for the 2012 season, and these are available at the Gallery.


For the First Friday in November, the artists at the Copper Country Associated Artists along with local fabric artist Karena Schmidt will be leading a Matchbox Ornament Workshop.  Little matchboxes have been a source of inspiration for art for a very long time.  They are fun to decorate for all occasions, but the Christmas matchbox advent calendar is a classic; twenty-four boxes decorated in holiday colors, each filled with a special treat and stacked like blocks…or used as ornaments hanging from a tree.


For the November project, each participant will use paper, fabric, sequins and beads to create about four handmade ornaments fashioned out of matchboxes. Inside the matchbox there is often a message.  These are fun to think up ahead of time.  All materials will be provided, but participants may want to bring treasures from home like tiny photos and keepsakes to incorporate into this project. 


The workshop will begin at 6:30 pm and run until 8:30 pm.  Participants can drop in any time to join, but supplies are limited.  The CCAA Gallery is located at205 Fifth Avenue in Calumet, and is open Thursday through Saturday from 11am-4pm.  Please call 337-1252 for more information.