First Friday in January


If you’ve graduated from Play Dough, but you still enjoy sculpture, then First Friday in Calumet at the Copper Country Associated Artists Gallery will be a fun event for you. They are offering a polymer clay workshop.  Polymer clay is available generally under the brand names of Sculpey or Fimo.  With these fine grained clays, adults and kids can make wonderful miniature objects suitable for use, as jewelry, home décor and play things. 

We will be offering two workshops on Friday, January 4th; one at 6:30 and another at 7:30, where members of the CCAA will teach participants how to use small quantities of polymer clay to create items like beads or miniature pasties and sandwiches.  Participants can then take the items home with instructions for oven-hardening.  Although the material is non-toxic, this material is most suitable for people 8 years old and up.  The workshops are free and open to the public, though donations will be accepted.  The gallery is at 205 Fifth Street in Calumet, and for more information you can e-mail us at