Spring 2013 Newsletter

It is spring now, though it’s hard to tell looking outside my window here in the Copper Country.  I did see a photo of crocuses taken on the MTU campus, and I’ve learned to be patient waiting for the seasons to change.  Many of you remember how long we had to wait for decent snow this year.  Winter didn’t really start until the second week of January.

We’ve been busy at the CCAA.  Even with the closing of the Vertin gallery, our first Fridays have been well attended.  Lorri Oikarinen from Cross Country Sports has been involved in a Michigan Tech project to study the community involvement in First Fridays.  She and her colleagues have been handing out short surveys, and the results will be presented on Monday, April 29th at 7:00pm upstairs at the Keweenaw National Historic park headquarters at 25970 Red Jacket Rd., Calumet. Everyone is very welcome and encouraged to attend!  Please think about how you can be more involved in the CCAA First Fridays.  They are a very important part of our activities, and we are looking for volunteers to lead workshops or do demos.

With the 100th anniversary of the 1913 mining strike, Lorri Oikarinen and Shelley Hahn are putting up window displays commemorating Calumet history in the empty storefront windows onFifth   Street inCalumet.  If you have memorabilia from that era or artwork depicting that era that you would like to share, please call them for more info.

Finnfest is coming in June.  We are hoping to have a significant participation from the CCAA. Clydeis our liaison to that event.  If you would like to participate, please make sure your name is on his list.

Ginny and Fredie are looking for new material for the gallery.  If you have new works, particularly some that depict the upcoming Spring season, please consider bringing them to the gallery and taking home some of the pieces you’ve had there over winter.

Bob Dawson is going to teach a beginning pastels class on April 20th from 10am till 4pm.  This is open to the community so tell your friends!  Please call Bob at  to register, or email us at ccaartists@gmail.com.   

There are new items in the gallery.  Our new member, Heather McGee has brought us some beautiful handmade books.  Mark Upton has brought in new photos.  Dolly has a nice spring collection of felted critters, and Miriam has a large display of photos, cards and pottery depicting local butterflies.  Come by the gallery on Thursday to see these new items, visit, and we’ll more than likely go to the Rosetta Café for lunch, eager to see their newly renovated space which just reopened on April 7th.


Best Wishes!