Support the Copper Country Associated Artists

There are various ways for you to support the Copper Country Associated Artists. Take a look:

1. Become a Member of CCAA

It takes a lot of resources to continue the activities that fulfill our mission. The two fold mission is first to encourage artistic expression in the Copper Country and secondly to help artists to market their products through a member-operated Gallery and the Eagle Harbor Art Fair.  If you would like to join the CCAA as an Artist Member,  a  Supporting Member or to make a monetary donation, please download the application. Then fill it out and scan/ email it to us, drop it at the Gallery or mail it to to us.

Artist Member

Vector color illustration of paintbrushes and a palette with basic colors.
  • Are you a working artist looking for an organization to help you meet other artists?
  • Do you want to display your work at the CCAA Gallery and in the undercroft of the church during the Eagle Harbor Art Fair? 

Join us as an artist member of the CCAA! The work of new artists is juried prior to being accepted as a member. It is a simple process:

  1. Download the new member application. Fill out the application and return it to the CCAA with photos of your artwork.
  2. THE CCAA jurists will review your work and you will be notified of your status.

We count on memberships to support our programs and operations. 

Dues are $65 Individual and $75 Family


Sponsors help the CCAA meet our goals! CCAA always needs help with our programs and activities..  Sponsors are encouraged to volunteer and help out as much as they want to.

Dues are $65 Individual and $75 Family

Apply to the CCAA as an Artist Member or Sponsor.

  • Artist member – Download the Membership Application. Print, complete the form and return to the CCAA along with your dues and photos of your artwork. If you are not accepted your dues will be returned to you
  • Sponsor – Download the Membership Application. Print, complete the form and return to the CCAA with your dues.

2. Donate to CCAA

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations help us meet our annual expenses to operate the CCAA Gallery and to present the Eagle Harbor Art Fair. With costs increasing for everything from rent to art supplies, we need to rely on donations from generous patrons to keep our historic 63 year old organization in existence.

We are very pleased to accept Donations by Cash, Check or Credit Card. To make a Donation, please download a Membership Application from the membership section above. Fill in your contact information including an amount on the Donate line and return to CCAA. Or contact the CCAA by clicking on the “Contact Us” link in the  Header.