Ginny Douglas

I began making art at my Fathers' side as a small child, "helping" him with his oils.

As I grew up in southern Michigan, I was forever  having an adventure at The Pond, camping with my family, fishing or doing some outdoor activity.  Hiking the woods seeking Dutchman’s britches, lady slippers and trout lilies was very high on my list.

As a student at Western Michigan University I was very interested in taking some art classes but found they were ‘full’ unless you were an art major… which I became.  Thirty some years and four children later I found myself retired from a very rewarding teaching career in art and finally ready to pursue my passion for making art full time.
In the creative process, I seldom start a composition with much more than a glimmer of were I am going with it.  A color, a shape or a feeling is where I begin and I’m often in wonder of how a work develops and the final result.
Of late, my work tends to be more abstract than not but almost without fail, the wondrous natural world of the Keweenaw, and mostly the ‘big lake’, shows itself in what I do.