Ellen Torola

Ellen's favorite subjects are local wild flowers and scenery of the Copper Country

Well-known artist, Ellen Torola, owned and operated the former Paint Box Gallery in Calumet for 32 years, where she taught art classes, sold art supplies, frames, and her own artwork. Although she has retired from the business, she continues to paint at home. Her work is found at the CCAA, the Vertin gallery and at her home.

Ellen Torola is a self-taught artist, and has been intensly interested in art from a small child. She attended many workshops in watercolor, pastel and oils, throughout the United States as well as four countries in Europe. Ellen has narrowed down her paintings to acrylics and watercolor. Her favorite subject is local wild flowers and scenery of the Copper Country.  Her byline from her former gallery was “a gallery full of copper country”. At right there are some pictures of her recent trip to Armenia where she taught a watercolor class