Watercolors, acryllics and oils bring the beauty of the Keweenaw into many homes, many lives.  The CCAA has a wide assortment of paintings and prints to bring memories and feelings into your home to create a special place.

Ginny Douglas

“I began making art at my Fathers’ side as a small child, ‘helping’ him with his oils”.

"Easy Livin"  Acrylics, 9x12 in.  $99

Bob Dawson

“This painting pictures is a haunting occupation”.

Donna Lenard

“I love watching the paint run across the page when water is the vehicle”.

Donna L-2
Tammy Gajewski

Tammy (Toj) Gajewski

“I take a little bit from everything I know and see and make art to make people smile. Life is too short to not have art.”

Tammy Gajewski

Clyde Mikkola

Clyde’s most common subjects are scenery, but he does portraiture as well. He is well known for his breathtaking watercolors, his expansive acrylics, and meticulous pencil drawings.

Trespasser   Acrylic  10 X 8 in.  $130

Fredi Taddeucci

“My paintings are primarily about movement, shape, texture and color”.

In The Trees,  8x10 in.  Acrylic Collage,  $72

Jerome Patryjak

“At my studio in Calumet, I continue to work in graphic design but main interest is in pen and ink drawings, experimental art books and paper constructions”.